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WEBINAR: Starting and Sustaining a Local Pharmacy Association

       Dr. Michael Crowe


While it’s easy to wait to see how legislative outcomes will affect your business, it may be better to stay informed and be proactive in legislation that can impact your future. In Congress’ 114th session, there is only one pharmacist, and fewer than 6% of legislators have healthcare backgrounds. This indicates that pharmacy, as a whole, is not effectively represented at the federal level, and action is needed on the state and local levels as well.

This eye-opening webinar will outline the importance of getting involved in grassroots pharmacy advocacy and how these efforts can positively impact the pharmacy industry as a whole as well as your professional career. Don’t miss this informative presentation led by Diplomat’s Senior Manager of Clinical Services Dr. Michael Crowe, who will provide tangible evidence, through his personal case study, of the power of a local pharmacy association.

This presentation will help:

  • Describe the role of a local pharmacy association in a pharmacy professional’s career
  • Explain steps one might take to activate or reactivate a new association
  • Indicate ways a local organization can benefit an individual member as well as the profession of pharmacy as a whole
  • Identify resources and tools a local pharmacy association may use to be successful