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WEBINAR: Specialty Pharmacy and Infusion Drug Channel Management: Exploring Advantages of J-Code Blocking and Shift from Medical to Pharmacy Benefit


Marly Arbuckle

Specialty pharmacy infused drugs have created an interesting arrangement in how they are classified under the medical benefit or the pharmacy benefit. In some cases drugs are clearly on one side or the other, while others land on both sides of the benefit divide.

Join Marly Arbuckle, clinical pharmacist of MedTrak services, as she outlines the many advantages of carving out certain drugs from the medical benefit to the pharmacy benefit and the growing trend of J-Code blocking.

From this presentation, attendees will:

  • Understand what it means to J-code block
  • Recognize industry challenges and why some infusion sites are more expensive than others
  • Analyze the key components and advantages of Medical Drug Channel Management
  • Identify the successes of J-code blocking
  • Discover ways of improving the process along the way
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