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WEBINAR: Responding to Medicare Cuts: Details About Billing Non-Assigned, ABNs, and Retail

Jeff Baird

          Jeffrey S. Baird

On June 23, 2016, CMS published the July fee schedule for DME suppliers, and it is ugly. The rates encompass the expansion of competitive bid rates to non-CBAs. The cuts range between 45%-59% on common respiratory products but reach 82% on TENS units and enteral IV poles. In response, suppliers may need to distance themselves from Medicare fee-for-service. This webinar will discuss ways that DME suppliers can accomplish this.

Join Jeffrey S. Baird and Lisa Smith of Brown and Fortunato, P.C. to learn how to expand your business outside of Medicare while staying within the law.



      Lisa K. Smith

This presentation will help attendees understand:

  • The difference between “participating” and “non-participating” suppliers
  • How a “participating” supplier can switch to being a “non-participating” supplier
  • Medicare’s antidiscrimination rule and how suppliers can avoid violating this rule
  • What it means to bill non-assigned and when it is appropriate to use an ABN
  • Selling Medicare-covered items for cash at retail and the rules regarding charging patients less than the Medicare allowable
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