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WEBINAR: Putting the Brakes on a Medicare Audit

Mary Ellen Conway

Mary Ellen Conway

Presenter, Mary Ellen Conway, President Capital Healthcare Group

As a Medicare provider, sooner or later you will be the subject of an audit from the DME MAC, a Recovery Audit Contractor (“RAC”), or the Zone Program Integrity Contractor (“ZPIC”). If a supplier doesn’t respond appropriately, things can go from bad to devastating. A supplier can be faced with an overpayment demand letter for millions of dollars or, even worse, an Office of Inspector General (“OIG”) Investigator making criminal allegations. The appropriate response can put the brakes on the auditor and allow the supplier to get back to the business of taking care of patients as quickly as possible.

Watch the recording now to learn more about:

  • Learning the background of current audit issues>
  • Understanding Medicare’s “weapons”
  • Providing examples of prescriber and supplier medical records that are needed
  • Describing documentation needed to submit for audits
  • Providing examples of common errors found in audits

Learn the latest audit tips from consultant and President of the Capital Healthcare Group, LLC,  Mary Ellen Conway as she discusses how to put the brakes on a Medicare audit.