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WEBINAR: The Keys to a Successful HME Business: People, Process, and Workflow


Miriam Lieber

Running a company without goals, workflow processes, and expectations simply doesn’t work. Instead, viable and prosperous HME businesses adhere to standard levels of performance, role modeling, and coaching from leaders. A candid discussion of best practices from HME companies nationwide will be the backdrop for this reality-based session on developing leaders and directing HME companies for today and the future.

From this presentation you will:

  • Define leadership in today’s HME environment
  • Discuss goals and accountability measures for increased productivity
  • Analyze workflow best practices and how this can improve turnaround times and customer satisfaction
  • Establish how HME leaders achieve success by using their people skills

Join Miriam Lieber, industry expert and president of Lieber Consulting LLC, for a candid review of the latest best practices that are winning the battle for profitability in today’s highly competitive HME environment.

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