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WEBINAR: Is This Your Year To Start A Specialty Pharmacy?

Suzette DiMascio

Suzette DiMascio

Presenter, Suzette DiMascio, President/CEO, CSI Specialty Group

You’ve thought about it. You’ve seen others do it …. Some successful, some not. Now is the time to decide if you are ready to venture into the specialty pharmacy space and take your share of the growing pipeline.  See what it takes to point your business in the specialty pharmacy direction and how you can get started.

Watch the recording now to learn more about:

    • Deciding whether you should buy, build, or partner
    • Learning how important it is to have a sales team
    • Demonstrating best practices in specialty pharmacy
    • Understanding essential tools and talent needed to start your own specialty pharmacy

Uncover key insights on specialty pharmacy best practices from, Suzette DiMascio, President and CEO of CSI Specialty Group, as she discusses how 2015 can be a great year to start YOUR specialty pharmacy!