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WEBINAR: Infusion Suites: How to Properly Set Up and Operate

Jeff Baird

            Jeffrey S. Baird

Increasingly, pharmacies are entering in to arrangements with physicians to establish infusion suites. If structured properly, such arrangements are legal. But, as often is the case, the devil is in the details. In this webinar, we will discuss how to manage the details of setting up infusion suites legally, and we’ll examine some legal pitfalls that should be avoid.

Join Jeffrey S. Baird, Esq., chairman of the Health Care Group of Brown & Fortunato, P.C., to learn the role that the pharmacy can take in assisting the physician with the operation of the infusion suite.

Questions to be addressed in the presentation include:

  • Can the pharmacy furnish the nurse, or must the nurse be employed by the physician?
  • Must the physician purchase the drugs from the pharmacy, or can the pharmacy supply the drugs without requiring the physician to pay for them?
  • What are the key provisions to be included in the “Infusion Suite Management Agreement”?


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