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WEBINAR: If It’s Not Documented, It’s Not Done: The Must Do’s to Ensure Accreditation

Sandra Canally

Sandra Canally

Presenter, Sandra Canally, President of The Compliance Team Inc.

Given the documentation challenges  mandated from government and private-sector sources alike, it is extremely important for providers to stay up to date with ever-changing documentation requirements that often mean the difference between getting paid for goods and services delivered and/or putting their medicare billing number at risk due to lack of compliance with their accreditation quality standards no matter who the AO is.

Providers MUST realize there is a direct link to Accredited product categories and submission of claims for those items to get paid by the medicare program.  Learn how you can stay on top of your business and better your bottom line through compliance with documentation from an accreditation perspective.

Watch the recording now to learn about:

  • Learn what documentation is required throughout your business operations
  • Understand how having documentation reduces a company’s overall risk
  • Provide examples of how to use documentation to obtain sales
  • Understand what accreditation organizations look for while on site

Learn the latest documentation and accreditation tips from President of the Compliance Team Inc., Sandra Canally as she discusses how having complete documentation records are essential to ensure accreditation.