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WEBINAR: Hot Topics in Specialty Pharmacy Law: PBM Prescription Trolling, Hub Arrangements, DIR Fees Update, Opioid and Naloxone Laws, and NADAC Pricing

         Jesse Dresser


The specialty pharmacy industry has dramatically changed over the past few years and is now one of the fastest growing sources of revenue in the prescription drug marketplace. As a result, payers and PBMs have adopted numerous policies and tactics to maximize PBM profits and drive patient traffic away from independent pharmacies.

These policies and tactics, along with current healthcare regulations, have created challenges and opportunities for specialty pharmacies. Join Jesse Dresser and Steven Bennet, attorneys at the healthcare law firm Frier Levitt, LLC, as they outline the most important legal and industry updates that will impact your specialty pharmacy.

This presentation will help you:

  • Identify tactics employed by PBMs
  • Understand different forms of Medicaid pricing, including (NADAC) reimbursement, and their impact on your business
  • Understand recent updates in opioid and naloxone laws
  • Recognize hub arrangements in the specialty pharmacy context


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