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WEBINAR: Home Sleep Testing and the CPAP Supplier: What Kind of Relationship Can There Be?

Jeff Baird

          Jeffrey S. Baird

Recent data suggests that nearly 20 million Americans are affected by obstructive sleep apnea. While testing for this disorder has primarily taken place in sleep labs, where patients stayed overnight, new home sleep tests have proven more cost effective and patient friendly.

Obviously, providing both home sleep tests and CPAP devices is a natural fit for DME suppliers. However, Medicare restrictions may prevent suppliers from doing both.

Join Jeffrey S. Baird, Esq., chairman of the Health Care Group of Brown & Fortunato, P.C., to learn how your DME business can expand coverage to CPAP patients while remaining compliant with CPAP payment prohibition regulations.

This presentation will help attendees:

  • Understand the restrictions that CMS has placed on DME providers
  • Analyze the consequences of failing to adhere to the federal regulations
  • Understand the relationship that DME suppliers can have with home sleep testing entities
  • Learn what restrictions apply to CPAP suppliers owned by hospitals that also conduct home sleep testing
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