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WEBINAR: HME Audit Tool Kit: Mitigating Risk for Audits and Extrapolations

Mary Ellen Conway

Mary Ellen Conway

With the exponential growth rate of audits that HME suppliers and pharmacies with HME are facing, it’s essential that providers have an action plan in place to reduce their overall risk. In the event of an audit extrapolation, suppliers can instantly owe millions of dollars of calculated overpayments that can lead to financial devastation overnight. Join us for this tactical presentation that outlines how to prepare your business for the world of audits.

    • Understand the different types of audits and auditing bodies
    • Learn how audit extrapolations are calculated
    • Analyze key criteria that auditors are searching for in your data
    • Outline tactical steps your business can take to reduce the threat of audits

Join nationally recognized consultant Mary Ellen Conway, president of the Capital Healthcare Group, LLC, as she outlines the essential things you need to know concerning audits and protecting your business.