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WEBINAR: What Health Plans Want from Specialty Pharmacy and the Impact of the Affordable Care Act on Commercial Insurance


      Dr. F. Randy Vogenberg


The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has changed what health plans look for or require from specialty pharmacies. Understanding what health plans need to know about biologic and specialty drug services, distribution, and reimbursement will help you increase collaboration, enhance patient outcomes and manage costs.

This webinar will provide specialty pharmacies and pharmacists with health-plan-focused insights on their contracting, priorities, and plan goals. It will also address the impact of the ACA on commercial insurance and concerns about the increasing use of specialty drugs.

This presentation will help you:

  • Determine key health plan areas of interest regarding specialty drug use in U.S. benefit plans
  • Relate practice experience or data analyses for use by plans and as plan administrators that can support improvements in patient care outcomes
  • Understand what can be done by the specialty pharmacy community to collaborate with health plans in a competitive marketplace
  • Determine specific changes to existing or new services that can be of value to U.S. benefit plans

Join Dr. F. Randy Vogenberg, partner of Access Market Intelligence and the National Institute of Collaborative Healthcare, as he discusses the impact that specialty pharmacy has on health plans and how this will shape the future.

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