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WEBINAR: Health Care Marketing Compliance 101: Protecting Your HME/DME from the OIG and DOJ

Matthew Agnew

Every day HME and DME providers face the challenge of growing their businesses despite tight margins and increased regulations. One way to successfully grow your business is through creative marketing strategies that can expand your referral reach and positively impact your bottom line.

As you pursue these strategies, you must also consider legal concerns that could put your business at risk with the Department of Justice (DOJ) or even the Office of Inspector General (OIG). Plan to attend this webinar to see how you can grow your business in a legally compliant manner.

This presentation will help you:

  • Identify effective and ineffective marketing strategies in health care
  • Analyze legal limitations on health care marketing and exceptions to the rule
  • Learn common marketing compliance violations
  • Understand recent DOJ and OIG marketing enforcement actions
  • Outline tips for compliance including safe harbors, endorsements, and gift-giving

Learn about the latest legal marketing compliance advice from Polsinelli Health Care Regulatory Associates, Matthew Agnew and Stephen Angelette, as they provide a detailed list of do’s and don’ts that can help protect your business from legal review and government action.

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