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WEBINAR: Exploring Pharmaceutical Manufacturer and Specialty Pharmacy Relationships: What You Can and Cannot Do

         John E. Morrone

In an industry where supply chains are closely monitored, patient data is king, and complex medications require high-touch services by distribution partners, biologics and pharmaceutical manufacturers have turned to specialty pharmacies to assist. However, these arrangements are closely scrutinized and must be structured to ensure compliance with state and federal laws.

In this webinar, attorneys Jesse C. Dresser, Esq., and John E. Morrone, Esq., will provide an overview of the types of arrangements between manufacturers and specialty pharmacies and the legal and business considerations of those relationships. We will also examine the regulatory and payer risks and considerations.

          Jesse C. Dresser

From this presentation, attendees will:

  • Understand the types of contracts and arrangements entered into between manufacturers and specialty pharmacies
  • Learn the legal and regulatory risks of pharma-pharmacy relationships through prior enforcement actions
  • Determine strategies to compliantly structure pharma-pharmacy relationships, including with respect to payment terms and appropriate services
  • Identify the PBM contractual risks of entering into these arrangements



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