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WEBINAR: Exploring Mobile Health Technology and its Impact on Specialty Pharmacy

                     Ron Lanton

We are witnessing a transformation in the healthcare marketplace, especially with the growth of specialty pharmacy. New and complex medications that require greater communication and specialized advice to ensure improved outcomes are making their way to patients. Mobile health is now being examined as a way to enhance outcomes and lower costs. However, increased technology utilization brings questions.

Join president of True North Political Solutions and government affairs expert Ron Lanton as he discusses the relationship between mobile health and the adoption of these technologies in the specialty pharmacy industry.

This presentation will look at some of the following issues:

  • How does the mobile health market look today?
  • Are there any policies being developed regarding mobile health?
  • What are the security concerns with mobile health utilization?
  • How are payers utilizing mobile health?
  • Can mobile health be used as a strategy for specialty?
  • Other emerging technology trends that can enhance mobile health
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