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WEBINAR: Exploring Biosimilars and Their Impact on Specialty Pharmacy

Dr. Michael Crowe


Biosimilars have the potential to impact many areas of pharmacy, especially specialty pharmacy.  Much of the potential impact depends on entries to the market, patient access issues, and the acceptance of patients and prescribers. This interactive webinar will review the current biosimilar landscape and the factors that impact the perception of current and future biosimilars.

Some of the topics to be covered include the: 

  • History and current state of biosimilars in the United States
  • Key drivers of biosimilar use
  • Role of specialty pharmacies in the distribution of biosimilars
  • Projected future biologic usage

Don’t miss this informative presentation led by Diplomat’s Senior Manager of Clinical Services Dr. Michael Crowe, who will provide solid research on the current state of biosimilars and the outlook for the future.

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