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WEBINAR: The Employer’s View of Specialty Pharmacy: Benefits Coverage, Care Plans, and the Affordable Care Act


      Dr. F. Randy Vogenberg


The new era of healthcare requires an understanding what employers as purchasers of care want to know about biologic and specialty drugs as well as corresponding devices or diagnostic products.

This webinar will provide specialty pharmacies and pharmacists with employer-focused insights on benefits coverage, priorities, plan sponsor goals, impact of ACA on commercial self-funded insurance, and concerns about specialty drugs.

This presentation will help:

  • Identify employers’ primary interests regarding specialty drugs in U.S. benefit plans
  • Apply practice experience or data analyses for use by employer plan sponsors and administrators that can improve patient care outcomes
  • Outline how specialty pharmacies can increase collaboration with self-funded employers
  • Determine specific changes to existing or new services that can be of value to employers

Join Dr. F. Randy Vogenberg, partner of Access Market Intelligence and the National Institute of Collaborative Healthcare, as he outlines how specialty pharmacies and self-funded employers can work together to improve patient care and manage overall costs.