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WEBINAR: DME POS Competitive Bidding in 2017: Reform Options and Opportunities under the Trump Administration

Matthew Agnew

Many DME suppliers have argued that the current competitive bidding program has design flaws that have resulted in unprofitable reimbursement rates, decreased patient access to durable medical equipment, and forced many suppliers to exit the market. With the new Trump Administration and the proposals made by the secretary of Health & Human Services, Tom Price, there may be hope for suppliers for reform options and new opportunities for the DMEPOS Competitive bidding program.

Learn how the new administration may impact competitive bidding and how these changes could affect your HME/DME business in this live webinar, led by Matthew Agnew and Emily Shaw from Polsinelli Health Care Regulatory Associates.

This presentation will help you:

  • Understand the current competitive bidding program’s design and reasons for criticism
  • Evaluate Secretary Price’s market pricing program proposal
  • Analyze potential reform options and how this impacts DME suppliers
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