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WEBINAR: Adapting to Face-to-Face and Written Order Requirements

Mary Ellen Conway

Mary Ellen Conway

Does your business fall short of the written order requirements? What’s happening with the face-to-face legislation? Do you face the threat of payment delays, audits and denials? This inside look at the dynamics behind the CMS regulations can help you protect your business, preserve your revenue and reduce the risk of future audits.

This eye-opening presentation designed specifically for DME leaders will help you:

    • Understand the Face-to-Face requirements and how they are subject to change
    • Learn the framework of Written Order Prior to Delivery (WOPD) concepts
    • Evaluate the CMS legislative landscape and how to adapt
    • See real-life examples of successful approaches to audits
    • Gain actionable advice to enhance your compliance

Join nationally recognized consultant Mary Ellen Conway, President of the Capital Healthcare Group, LLC, as she dissects the latest face-to-face and WOPD requirements. Mary Ellen will equip you with proven strategies to ensure you stay compliant and audit-free.