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WEBINAR: The Change to ICD-10: What All HME Suppliers Need to Know

Mary Ellen Conway

Mary Ellen Conway

As of October 1, 2015, ICD-9 codes will be replaced by ICD-10 codes. For all healthcare providers, both large and small, and all payers (Medicare, Medicaid and ALL Third Parties), the “switch” will flip at midnight on October 1st requiring the use of ICD-10 codes on all documentation and billing going forward.

This coding change will greatly affect healthcare billing and payments for years to come and everyone should be prepared. Many issues can arise concerning rentals for equipment and what you must do to be prepared administratively. Learn the basics of ICD-10 coding, what you need to know to create your own specific timeline, and tips to help you get started.

This eye-opening presentation will help you:

  • Understand the basics of ICD-10 coding and how it differs from ICD-9
  • Learn the administrative tasks that must be in place to transition smoothly
  • Outline what items to put on your timeline and how to assess your IT vendor’s readiness

Join nationally recognized consultant Mary Ellen Conway, President of the Capital Healthcare Group, LLC, as she outlines the essential steps in what you need to know for changing ICD-10 regulations.