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Competitive Bidding Webinar: How the Losing Bidder Can Enter the DME Bid Arena

Jeff Baird

Jeffrey S. Baird

Far too often, a well-run DME supplier finds itself without a competitive bid contract.  If the losing bidder (“non-contract supplier”) is dependent on Medicare fee-for-service, then this will be financially challenging.

However, there are legal ways that the non-contract DME supplier can enter the competitive bidding area after the fact. This insightful webinar will outline those tactical strategies that can open doors for revenue growth while staying within the law.

This presentation will outline key strategies including:

  • Purchasing 100% of a contract supplier’s assets
  • Engaging in partial asset purchases
  • Achieving 100% stock acquisition
  • Establishing a 5% or more common ownership
  • Examine the liability that may be imposed as a result of one of these transactions

Join Jeffrey S. Baird, Esq., Chairman of the Health Care Group of Brown & Fortunato, P.C., as he outlines key strategies that can put your DME on the upside even if you lose a competitive bid contract.

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