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WEBINAR: Business Practices That will Get You Investigated: Hot-Button Pharmacy Issues for the Department of Justice

Jeff Baird

Jeffrey S. Baird

Healthcare fraud continues to be a top priority for the Department of Justice (“DOJ”). In fact, there are nine Medicare Fraud Strike Forces that are actively using data analysis techniques to uncover fraud every day. There are constant media reports of pharmacies being investigated for kickbacks, false claims and other fraudulent actions. Pharmacies must ensure that they are operating within the law and are not engaged in business practices that will subject them to investigation by the DOJ.

In this informative webinar presentation, Jeffrey Baird and Bradley Howard, attorneys at Brown & Fortunato, will provide real-world case examples from criminal and civil investigations against pharmacies brought by the DOJ. Their observations will provide attendees with close-to-home scenarios of how the DOJ is scrutinizing the industry and what pharmacies can do to reduce the risk of being investigated.  They will also discuss the steps to respond to a DOJ investigation.

This presentation will:

  • Outline common pharmacy activities and violations that the DOJ focuses on
  • Analyze how pharmacies can reduce the risk of being targeted by the DOJ
  • Identify steps that pharmacies should take if they become targets of a DOJ investigation