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WEBINAR: Best Practices in Monitoring Medication Adherence for Specialty Pharmacy

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Mike Crowe

Reserve your seat now for a close-up look at the cutting-edge methods used by one of America’s largest specialty pharmacies to ensure optimal patient adherence!

When specialty pharmacy patients do not adhere to their prescribed regimens, it often leads to further complications for the patient…higher costs for payers…and strained relationships between your pharmacy and the manufacturer.

Join specialty pharmacy expert, Mike Crowe, of Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy, as he outlines the key steps on how to obtain better medication adherence in your pharmacy.

From this presentation you will also:

  • Define and implement key measures of medication adherence
  • Discuss predictive tools that assess the likelihood of adherence problems
  • Discover services and devices to promote and monitor medication adherence

When you can help your patients adhere to their prescribed regimens, it’s good for the patient and good for you.