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WEBINAR: Battling the High Cost of Specialty Pharmacy Drugs: The Hepatitis C Quagmire

Ron Lanton

Ron Lanton

Juggling the high cost of new Hepatitis C medications with the best interest of the patient and stricter government policy is getting tougher for Specialty Pharmacy. The government’s need to lower costs may be in direct contrast to better patient outcomes. This presentation will focus on the growing conflict between government policy and patient care — and what that means for the future of specialty pharmacy.

Just some of the topics to be covered:

  • What is the impact of Hepatitis C on the population?
  • What government policies could influence Hepatitis C pricing?
  • How is the payer community handling Hepatitis C reimbursement?
  • How will patients be impacted by Hepatitis C’s contentious climate?

Join President of True North Political Solutions and government affairs expert, Ron Lanton, as he discusses how to overcome the struggle of costly specialty medications while enhancing patient care.