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WEBINAR: Are You Lean? An HME Guide to a Lean & Efficient Warehouse

The typical HME warehouse is burdened by waste – waste in the form of errors, excessive time spent searching for items, and the waste of motion, movement, and rework. This informative session will explore how you can begin to implement basic lean techniques into your warehouse/distribution operation that can help you reduce costs and improve overall efficiency and flow.

From this presentation you will:

    • Analyze effective layouts of warehouse floor plans, shelving layouts, etc.
    • Understand shelving, labeling, and storage best practices designed to enhance flow and organization.
    • Provide examples of typical forms of waste within a HME warehouse, and how to minimize the waste.
    • Learn how to maximize the use of visualization, color-coding, and identification schemes.
    • Evaluate how to apply the 5S and how to sustain the 5S environment – keeping a neat, clean, and highly organized warehouse operation.

Learn the latest “lean” tips from President and Founder of Lean Homecare Consulting Group, Chris Calderone, as he discusses how having a waste-free operation and process is a must to stay competitive in the complex HME market.