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WEBINAR: A Blue Print for Value-Based Partnerships with Payors, ACOs, and Self-Insurers


Karen Butterton

Discover this powerful step by step approach to effectively sell your company’s services to partner with payors, healthcare systems, ACO’s and self-insured plans to increase and/or insure future revenue streams.

This eye opening presentation will help you:

  • Strategically position your company to gain and grow the business in the local marketplace
  • Align and create a value based proposition to a healthcare system and become their “preferred” provider of choice
  • Present to an ACO why partnering with your company helps them achieve their Triple Aim Objectives
  • Create substantive value and quantitative benefits that reduce spend for the payer

The ACA has brought major changes to healthcare. Reserve your seat now to learn how to turn those CHANGES into OPPORTUNITIES by creating a step by step blueprint to insure your company’s future success. Join industry expert and Chief Strategy Officer of Barnes Healthcare Services, Karen Butterton, as she outlines how having a strategy in place is crucial to stay ahead in healthcare.