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WEBINAR: HIV Telemedicine and Specialty Pharmacy Services

                                    Melissa Badowski

The prevalence of HIV has increased in the correctional facility setting where 1 in 7 HIV infected patients pass through a correctional facility annually. This provides an important opportunity to initiate and provide antiretroviral (ARV) therapy and education to incarcerated inmates. Since correctional facilities are often located in rural areas and limited by geographical barriers, telemedicine can assist in reducing these barriers and provide subspecialty medical and pharmacy services.

Join us for this webinar presentation as Melissa Badowski, clinical associate professor of the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), as she provides a real case study example on how the UIC programs have expanded patient access to HIV treatment and specialty pharmacy services through the use of telemedicine.

From this presentation attendees will:

  • Explain HIV prevalence in US prisons today
  • Learn how introducing telemedicine can improve patient access to HIV treatment
  • Recognize the role that specialty pharmacies play in improving outcomes
  • Learn how inmates can bridge the gap between access to ARVs and care upon release



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