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WEBINAR: Value-Added Services vs. Prohibited Beneficiary Inducement: When is the Line Crossed?

Jeff Baird

Jeffrey S. Baird

Pharmacies face a challenge in determining how to provide value-added services to patients and physicians without crossing the “prohibited inducement” and “prohibited kickback” line. Without a clear understanding of the legal guidelines regarding these practices, your pharmacy could be at risk for severe legal violations.

Understand the truth behind the law in this thought-provoking webinar that will help your staff distinguish between good business and falling outside of the law.

This eye-opening presentation will help attendees:

  • Understand the difference between value-added services and prohibited inducements and kickbacks
  • Analyze how the pharmacy can provide exceptional services within legal guidelines
  • Outline the importance of not violating the Medicare anti-kickback statute and beneficiary inducement statute
  • Explain those practices that are legally safe and those practices that need to be avoided

Gain the latest legal tips from Chairman of the Health Care Group of Brown & Fortunato, Jeffrey S. Baird, as he discusses how to provide “value-added” services while staying within the law.