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WEBINAR: Utilizing the Federal “Any Willing Provider” Law to Access Medicare Part D Networks

Jon Levitt

Jonathan Levitt


Plan sponsors and pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) routinely exclude pharmacies from Medicare Part D networks, whether through closed specialty pharmacy networks or “preferred” pharmacy networks. However, under the Medicare framework, the federal “Any Willing Provider” (AWP) law requires plan sponsors and PBMs to admit any pharmacy that meets the terms and conditions.

Join Jonathan Levitt, legal attorney and co-founder of Frier Levitt law firm, as he demonstrates how your pharmacy can utilize the AWP rules to your advantage and gain proper admission into Medicare Part D networks.

This eye-opening presentation will help you:

  • Interpret the federal “Any Willing Provider” law and how it impacts your pharmacy
  • Understand how Part D plan sponsors and PBMs benefit from avoiding adherence to the federal AWP law
  • Comprehend the CMS guidance provided to Part D plan sponsors and PBMs and other legal interpretations of the federal AWP law
  • Learn what steps your pharmacy should take to ensure admission into the various Medicare Part D networks


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