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WEBINAR: Uncovering the Power of Data, Analytics, and Reporting in Specialty Pharmacy

                      Jon Love

In the data-driven world of specialty pharmacy, providers must use data to its fullest potential to uncover key insights that can make their pharmacies thrive. Whether yours is a small start-up pharmacy or a large multi-site operation, using the data you already have in new ways can expand your success.

This presentation will provide an overview of how your pharmacy can get the most of out of your data using data analytics and reporting and will share the secrets of how data analysis can help your pharmacy reach its fullest potential.

This presentation will help you:

  • Understand why reporting is necessary in specialty pharmacy
  • Identify top metrics on which your pharmacy should report
  • Analyze how reporting tools can identify areas for operational improvement and workflow enhancements
  • Learn how reporting tools can open the doors to accreditation and limited drug networks
  • Uncover how you can use automation to fulfill endless payer and manufacturer requirements

Join reporting expert Jon Love, of Rock-Pond Solutions, as he equips you with the tools to make your pharmacy successful. Register today!