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WEBINAR: Maximizing Value through HME Workflow Optimization


                     Bryan Hines

In 2016, success in the HME market will require a workflow system that creates efficiency, measures accuracy and makes it easier for your team to work together. A strong understanding of how to evaluate, layer (or implement), and measure these workflows in a scalable way is a great opportunity for good companies to get even better.

To learn more about optimizing your workflow, join us for this eye-opening presentation, which will help you:

  • Understand industry best practices to streamline workflow
  • Analyze how to determine which workflow is best for you
  • Explain how to document your current workflow system
  • Identify ways to measure effectiveness in your workflow system

Listen to COO of Laboratory Tactical Consulting Bryan Hines as he discusses how an efficient workflow process can reduce your overall cost and increase output.