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WEBINAR: Creating Optimal Care Through Physician-Pharmacy Collaboration

Jerry Savedra

With the rising cost of specialty medications and the continual effort to improve patient outcomes, there is heightened pressure for pharmacies and physicians to deliver exceeding value to the pharmacy industry as a whole. Establishing relationships between the physician and pharmacy is a key component for improving coordinated care therapy management and patient care.

Don’t miss this eye-opening session which will outline how tightly integrating relationships can reduce error rates and improve transparency in operations.

This eye-opening presentation will help you:

  • Understand the importance of teamwork, communication and collaboration between the physician and pharmacy
  • Analyze trends in specialty pharmacy disease state care management
  • Identify specialty pharmacy high touch services and care management teams
  • Learn how a team based approach leads to the highest level of continual patient care

Join specialty pharmacy expert, Jerry Savedra of TNH Advanced Specialty Pharmacy as he outlines how establishing a close relationship between the physician and pharmacy is the best way to ensure optimal patient care.