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WEBINAR: Creating an Effective DMEPOS Compliance Plan

Mary Ellen Conway

Healthcare reform legislation requires that all DMEPOS suppliers, regardless of company size, have an efficient and effective compliance plan in place. But how do you create a good compliance plan that will protect you, your employees and your company?

In this informative webinar, recognized consultant Mary Ellen Conway will provide an update on the reform legislation requirements and information on the main elements that your compliance program must have in order to be effective for all types and sizes of DMEPOS suppliers.

This eye-opening presentation will help you:

  • Understand the benefits of a comprehensive compliance program
  • Outline the required elements that make up an effective compliance program
  • Analyze the steps you can take to successfully implement a compliance program in your organization

Join DMEPOS compliance expert Mary Ellen Conway, president of the Capital Healthcare Group, LLC, as she outlines how compliance protocols are a must for the DMEPOS industry.