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Webinar: Tactical Steps Toward Optimal Payer Relations in Specialty Pharmacy


Marly Arbuckle

Rising costs and concerns about medication adherence cause payers to scrutinize every specialty pharmacy reimbursement, so it’s vital that you provide payers evidence-based proof that your medications are leading to better patient outcomes.

Join us for an insightful view from the perspective of the payer. We’ll examine what payers are looking for from specialty pharmacies and how you can meet expectations and increase reimbursement rates.

From this presentation, attendees will:

  • Discover key trends in specialty pharmacy growth
  • Learn key management strategies payers use to assess claims
  • Understand the drivers behind the increasing presence and cost of specialty medications
  • Recognize the importance of reporting and the kinds of details self-insured employer groups need to see

Don’t miss this eye-opening presentation led by Marly Arbuckle, clinical pharmacist of MedTrak Services, who will outline how specialty pharmacies can address key challenges in the industry from the payer perspective.