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WEBINAR: Specialty Pharmacy Market Dynamics For Biosimilars in the U.S.

Michael Castagna

Michael Castagna

With the tremendous cost of specialty drugs, specialty pharmacies must explore alternatives that have the same medicinal effects. Biosimilars are potential therapeutic alternatives for patients that also offer additional choices for pharmacists and doctors. Don’t miss the chance to see how this cutting edge technology is unfolding in the market and how it can positively impact the industry.

This eye opening presentation will help you:

  • Define the difference between the original biologic and biosimilars
  • Understand how introducing biosimilars to the market can improve patient care and reduce overall costs
  • Analyze the current role that biosimilars have in the specialty pharmacy market
  • Gain insights into the future development of these drugs and what that means for specialty pharmacies

Join Michael Castagna, vice president and global commercial lead at Amgen, as he discusses how biosimilars are the future for the specialty pharmacy industry.