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WEBINAR: The Successful Pharmacy Operation: Five Legal Landmines to Avoid

Jeff Baird

Jeffrey S. Baird

Most pharmacies care deeply for their patients and desire to provide whatever products and services that are necessary to take care of the patients’ needs. However, in taking care of patients, there are certain lines that cannot be crossed. Crossing the line will put the pharmacy at risk of a Department of Justice investigation…removal from essential payer networks…or actions from your state pharmacy board.

This presentation will examine some of the toughest questions your pharmacy must answer every day:

  • When can I waive the co-payment of a financially-strapped patient?
  • How can I protect myself against accusations of improper compounding?
  • When a patient is suffering, what off-label uses of a drug are permitted?
  • What rights do I have when purchasing drugs under an “own use” contract?
  • What “value-added” services can I provide to a patient without crossing the “prohibited inducement” line?

Gain the latest legal tips from Chairman of the Health Care Group of Brown & Fortunato, Jeffrey S. Baird, as he discusses how to protect your pharmacy and maintain compliance.