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WEBINAR: How Specialty Pharmacies Can Utilize Data to Drive Revenue


Ryan Boal

With the overwhelming amount of data that pharmacies have access to, the key question is; Are you effectively using this information to help your pharmacy succeed? This presentation will uncover key insights into your data that will unlock your pharmacy’s growth potential as well as improve patient care management.

This eye opening presentation will help you:

  • Understand the trends and growth potential in the specialty marketplace
  • Learn how data is used to increase revenue opportunities for specialty pharmacies
  • Analyze essential business requirements and key success factors needed to capitalize on these opportunities
  • Evaluate what is in store for the future of this dynamic market

Learn cutting-edge techniques that can lead to exponential revenue growth. Join Therigy’s Director of Analytics, Ryan Boal, as he outlines how you can effectively use your data at hand to grow your specialty pharmacy’s profitability.