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WEBINAR: Five Steps to Surviving HME Reimbursement Challenges in 2016

Doug Gouy Photo

Doug Gouy


Is your HME/DME business struggling to collect on your patient copays? In order to survive the tightened margins the industry is facing, you have to capitalize on every opportunity to grow your cash and lower your outstanding A/R. This webinar will walk attendees through a step-by-step approach to collecting patient copays and adapting strategies to the changing times.

This insightful presentation will help you:

  • Evaluate how much money providers leave on the table due to uncollected copays
  • Analyze how to improve your patient follow up practices
  • Identify aggressive calling models that are proven to collect more cash
  • Understand how to apply these practices to your business for improved collection strategies

Join Doug Gouy, industry advisor with the A/R Allegiance Group, as he shares how your HME business can get on the right track to collecting more!