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Vital Care Rx Streamlines Reporting with Mediware Specialty Pharmacy Software


Vital Care Rx saves time and increases compliance for complex specialty pharmacy reporting with Mediware!



Starting strong with Mediware specialty pharmacy software

When leaders at Vital Care in Meridian, Miss., decided to expand into specialty pharmacy, Sedji Doxey, R.Ph., began her search for a specialty-specific software system. Doxey, who is the director of specialty operations, knew she needed an application that could capture and manipulate specialty data in a multi-site, multi-company setup. She also knew she needed a system that could maximize the small pharmacy’s efficiencies and enable it to grow over time. The search for these features led Doxey and the specialty pharmacy, Vital Care Rx, to choose Mediware.

With Mediware specialty pharmacy software in place from the beginning, staff at Vital Care Rx have been able to:

  • Capture and analyze data in meticulous detail
  • Provide detailed reports to multiple specialty drug manufacturers, payers, and accrediting organizations
  • Increase productivity and expand services

A wealth of data

Although Vital Care of Meridian was new to specialty pharmacy, Doxey was well aware that data would be critical to the venture’s success. “We knew we needed to be able to capture and manipulate data and extract it because that is such a huge part of the specialty pharmacy business model,” she explains. So when she discovered the hundreds of data fields available in the system, Doxey was certain Vital Care Rx’s data needs would be managed. In addition to the quantity of data fields, Doxey appreciated their functionality as well. “I like that we can choose which fields are mandatory, so users can’t bypass them,” she says. “They have to fill in the data field or consciously mark that it’s complete. That has really helped with compliance, especially for accreditation,” she adds. Another factor in the decision to use Mediware software was the automatic collection of disease-specific data. “Synagis was our primary product when we started Vital Care Rx,” explains Doxey. “Because the system has a Synagis tab built specifically to meet MedImmune standards, we were able to capture all the disease-specific data that we needed for our manufacturer program.”

Reports for every requirement

Because specialty pharmacies have to supply their data to manufacturers, payers, and, if accredited, to the accrediting bodies, structuring those data into reports is required. To ensure that Vital Care Rx meets its reporting obligations, Doxey says she and her team use some of the prebuilt reports as well as the custom reporting tools using the report writer. “Manufacturers all have different data sets that they want, and we build most of our reports off of those,” she says. One of the best features of the reporting system, however, is that all reports can be set to run, save, and send automatically. “We don’t have to go in and run the reports ourselves. The system does it in the background for us, and that’s been a big help,” Doxey shares.

Workflows at peak efficiency

In addition to these required reports, Vital Care Rx also uses compliance reports and audit reports, so the team can fix internal issues as they occur. Another  method that Doxey uses to monitor internal issues is the workflow functionality. “We can see who needs to do what, so we can delegate tasks. And we can identify bottlenecks,” she says. “Using the workflow queues has helped us refine our processes.” Today, with the help of Mediware, Vital Care Rx, which started with just one specialty medication, now provides treatment for more than 30 disease states. The specialty pharmacy is also accredited by both URAC and the Accreditation
Commission for Health Care (ACHC).

About Vital Care Rx

Vital Care Rx of Meridian, Miss, is a comprehensive specialty pharmacy that offers cost-effective treatment options and personalized patient care. Vital Care Rx is part of Vital Care of Meridian, which also provides home infusion (IV), ambulatory infusion, compounding, and respiratory home medical equipment services. Vital Care Rx is accredited by both URAC and ACHC.

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