Valley Children’s Healthcare Finds Platinum Support Is Worth Its Weight In Gold


One-of-a-kind support partnership keeps Valley Children’s Home Care running smooth.

At the time Valley Children’s Hospital went live with CPR+ for their home care division, they also enrolled in the Platinum Support Plan. As one of the largest hospitals of its type in the nation, the hospital can’t afford down time. That’s why they rely on CPR+ support for timely service from knowledgeable staff that understand their business.

Support You Can Trust

“My Platinum Support representative understands our business processes inside and out as well as how we operate. It is worth its weight in gold.”

Mary Lou Pease, Billing Manager, Valley Children’s Home Care

The Platinum Support Plan provides:

  • A single representative that understands your business processes inside and out as well as how you operate
  • Personalized training for hospital staff, including on-site visits and in-depth training
  • Personalized research of issues and product enhancements specific to the business’ success

The Power of a Single Representative

As the billing manager for Valley Children’s Home Care, Mary Lou Pease knows better than anyone important it is to have support staff that understand her business like she does. That’s why Pease signed up for Platinum Support from CPR+. Instead of calling into the support line for every question she has and explaining her unique situation to the staff, she works with one service representative available on demand.

Pease says, “My Platinum Support representative understands our business processes inside and out as well as how we operate. It is worth its weight in gold.” Not only does Pease receive on-demand service support through the phone, her service representative visits each year for a week, to see how business processes have evolved. They also discuss how the software can be customized to meet Valley Children’s Home Care unique needs.

After the evaluation, Pease notes that “the support representative also gives four hours of personalized training to our staff on how to use the software and listens to our changing needs and how we can best be accommodated.”

Understanding the Business with Solutions to Follow

Mary Lou Pease is not only the billing manager at Valley Children’s Home Care, she is also the project manager for implementation of CPR+. With so much on her plate, she can’t research every problem and stay on top of product enhancements that would make their jobs easier. The Platinum Support Plan allows Pease to focus on doing her job, while Stacey Brown, her service representative, does the rest. Pease states that “Stacey is great at researching our problems and strongly advocating for product enhancements that are unique to our business.”

Dedicated Personalized Support

Pease notes that this close, one-on-one relationship has taken support to another level. “The biggest byproduct of CPR+ is the 5-star customer service that their support system provides us. We have become like family–and they all know me by first name!” After each annual visit, Pease has the opportunity to assess her support representative based on how well her questions were answered, how well the representative understands her business, as well as how timely support is given to her technical issues. Pease says, “I give all 5 stars. She is amazing, and I continue to say that the Platinum Support Program is one of the best programs out in the market today!”

About Valley Children’s Home Care

Valley Children’s Hospital is the only dedicated pediatric provider facility between Los Angeles and San Francisco, California. With a medical staff of more than 550 physicians and 356 licensed beds, Valley Children’s Hospital is one of the largest hospitals of its type in the nation. The hospital has also received the Magnet Nursing designation, the Beacon Award for Critical Care Excellence, and is accredited by the Joint Commission.

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