Carter Healthcare’s Journey to the Top 100


Since Carter Healthcare started using CPR+, the company has positioned itself as a HomeCare Elite Top 100 Agency, one of the most successful home care providers in the United States.

The CPR+ software platform has helped the entire organization become more efficient, maintain compliance with healthcare regulations, as well as produce “cleaner” claims that lead to quicker reimbursement.

The CPR+ Difference

“We have seen a significant reducation in our DSO with CPR+.”

Tami Maine, DME Director, Carter Healthcare

Since the implementation of CPR+, Carter Healthcare Specialists have:

  • Streamlined workflow and improved delivery processes
  • Increased the number of payable claims through cleaner billing
  • Reduced DSO significantly with the A/R manager tool

Improving Reimbursement with Cleaner Claims

With the continual updates and changes in documentation and regulation requirements in the HME industry, Carter Healthcare found it difficult to process claims without them being rejected for errors. CPR+ allows them to now utilize the enterprise list manager and the billing review function to ensure that they submit clean claims without errors, which reduces the time it takes to get reimbursed. DME Director Tami Maine states that the “billing review feature has helped us ensure that all the modifiers, CMN’s, scanned documents, and details are set up correctly before you send a claim out, which has greatly improved our reimbursement with fewer denials.”

Managing Revenue with Accuracy

The A/R manager tool has also helped Carter Healthcare streamline their accounts receivable and review the A/R status codes to know what stage a claim is in: review or appeal process. Maine notes that the “A/R manager and billing review functions have significantly reduced our DSO, where the percentage of claims in the 30-60 day range have a 72% rate of getting paid.” CPR+ as a whole has helped Carter Healthcare be more proactive in sending out clean claims the first time, which has ultimately enhanced their revenue and reimbursement rates.

Streamlining Workflow with Timely Deliveries

Prior to CPR+, Carter Healthcare relied on traditional forms of delivery sending technicians into the field without a planned route and hoping to deliver equipment to the customer on time. With CPR+, they now use the Delivery Plus module that allows them to see what deliveries are due, create and start routes through the device, as well as track progress of technicians in the field. Maine says, “This really helps us track what has been delivered, what’s pending, what’s in progress, ensures signatures are obtained on the device, as well as improve efficiencies with confirming tickets.”

About Carter Healthcare

Carter Healthcare Specialists is an HME provider of home medical equipment for those that are in non-competitive bidding areas. Carter Healthcare offers a wide variety of services including: respiratory care, home care pharmacy, home medical equipment, hospice care, therapy and wellness, as well as skilled nursing. In 2012, Carter Healthcare was ranked as a Top 100 Agency for Home Care Elite.

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