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OptionOne’s Rise to Number 1


Since OptionOne went live with Mediware’s business management software, the specialty infusion company has managed communication and data across the organization much more quickly and efficiently with mobile access
technology. Mediware software has helped the provider stay ahead of its competition by working smarter—in an era when providers are consistently asked to do more with less.

Gaining a Competitive Advantage

“Using Mediware infusion software, along with our incredible team, has empowered our independent infusion company to offer exceptional care in a market with many national competitors.”

Matt Wills, VP Corporate Development, OptionOne

Using Mediware software has enabled OptionOne to:

  • Save money by managing more patients with fewer staff
  • Increase the number of referrals with more staff being able to work in the field using mobile devices
  • Improve communications internally and externally through real-time data management

Save Time & Money with Mobile Technology

In three short years, OptionOne went from zero to 500 patients. With the added workflow, patient assessments, and scheduling tasks, there wasn’t time or resources to hire more staff. Instead, OptionOne worked smarter by using infusion software that streamlines communication so that more tasks could be completed, all with fewer resources. Matt Wills, VP of corporate development, notes that “with the web portal tools, we now have the flexibility and availability to communicate information throughout our organization in real time.” Wills explains that “this technology allows physicians to access real-time information about their patients as well as streamline the intake process by getting the correct information about the patient the first time.”


Increasing Revenue with More Referrals

With mobile access, OptionOne can now have more staff in the field to conduct face-to-face encounters with physicians and case managers, which has improved their overall bottom line. Wills notes that the web portal is a “tremendous asset to our business in sending and receiving information to and from our clinicians. It has empowered our outside clinicians and sales force to operate at a whole new level, with increased referrals.” As a start-up, it is essential that OptionOne differentiate itself in the marketplace, and with Mediware software, this has been possible.


Doing More with Less

Even though OptionOne is relatively new to the competitive specialty pharmacy industry, the company has enjoyed rapid growth thanks to the efficiencies gained with Mediware home infusion and specialty pharmacy software.

Managing Data with Real-time Reporting

The analytic tools have also helped OptionOne better understand its data in a simple yet comprehensive format. Wills notes, “we are a very data-driven company, and with real-time reporting tools, we can get a better grasp of our data in an efficient and presentable manner. Whether it be a big or small decision, we rely on Mediware reporting to track our data and guide our decision making.”

About OptionOne

OptionOne is a specialty infusion services provider committed to providing patients with an exceptional level of personalized care. The company is independently owned and operated by experienced professionals who believe that optimal outcomes are achieved by integrating evidence-based medicine, the latest generation of patient care technology and a comprehensive clinical approach to care.

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