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FreshAire CPAP & Supplies Streamlines Inventory and Ensures Compliance with CareTend

After seven years in the HME business, Brian Hawk knew, when he opened FreshAire CPAP & Supplies in Wooster, Ohio in 2016, that a paper-based system would be inefficient. So, as he prepared his business plan, he concluded that Mediware’s latest technology platform, CareTend, was the obvious choice to maximize productivity and ensure compliance.

Since implementing CareTend, a solution designed specifically for the needs of home care providers, Hawk reports end-to-end improvements, including ordering, inventory management, sales, and expedited billing processes.

CareTend’s scalable solution

“As we’ve grown our business, CareTend has grown with us.”

Brian Hawk, RTT,
Owner, FreshAire CPAP & Supplies, LLC


With CareTend, FreshAire CPAP & Supplies can now:

  • Ensure that all CPAP and BiPAP requirements are satisfied with proper documentation
  • Supplement existing sales channels with point-of-sale operations—with no additional equipment required
  • Access patient information instantly through CareTend’s electronic records

Keeping compliant

CareTend helps Hawk manage heavy CPAP and BiPAP compliance requirements. A detailed, on-screen checklist of the modifiers and coverage criteria necessary for billing ensures payment isn’t rejected or delayed. FreshAire processes payment by Medicare, Medicaid, personal insurance, and self-pay with cash. “We rarely have any denials or audits, and we usually receive reimbursement for our services without delay,” said Hawk. After more than a year in business and many new patients, Hawk is pleased that CareTend continues to scale and adapt to the sleep apnea marketplace. When he receives new referrals, he easily tracks workflows from start to finish with the application’s dashboard tool. “As we’ve grown our business, CareTend has grown with us,” said Hawk.

Seamless retail expansion

When Hawk decided to incorporate point-of-sale transactions into his day-to-day business operations, his CareTend software allowed him to start accepting cash sales with no hassle. While some point-of-sale technologies are bulky and expensive to implement, CareTend users can enter the retail space without purchasing additional software. “With CareTend, we didn’t have large startup costs just to process cash transactions,” said Hawk. He reports selling CPAP and BiPAP supplies and accessories for cash often, which he handles with a barcode scanning system. The process is identical to that of any brick-and-mortar retailer. “All the prices are loaded [in CareTend]. People pick up their items and pay with cash, check, or credit card, and they’re on their way,” said Hawk.

The FreshAire team also utilizes barcode scanning technology beyond the point of sale. It provides real-time insight into current inventory levels and automatically alerts Hawk of the optimal time to reorder and avoid overstock or depletion. CareTend also helps monitor each item’s specifi c location, which reduces time wasted looking for equipment.

Secure accessible records

While Hawk admits FreshAire isn’t entirely paperless—the company occasionally prints information for customers—it does store all inventory tracking, documentation, compliance efforts, and patient records electronically in CareTend. Storing patient demographic information within the software is particularly useful. “With the information inside [CareTend], it’s easy to pull up patient information without looking through stacks of paper,” said Hawk. “It saves so much time and eliminates headaches later on.” In the world of DME providers, lost or improper documentation and mismanaged billing usually equals a monetary loss. By implementing CareTend, FreshAire CPAP & Supplies has streamlined operations with an electronic interface, readying the business for future growth and success.

About FreshAire CPAP & Supplies

Founded in 2016, FreshAire CPAP & Supplies provides care-focused sleep apnea equipment services to patients in the Wooster, Ohio area. Committed to ongoing patient education, FreshAire works to develop positive, encouraging relationships with each of its clients.

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