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Speed Your Pharmacy Workflow with CareTend

For more than 10 years, specialty pharmacies have relied on Mediware’s real-time workflow to complete orders accurately and cut fulfillment time in half. With our latest solution, CareTend, you can track all work in a single dashboard, which helps you get orders out the door faster and ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

Accelerate the intake process

By prompting users to collect key information, CareTend ensures accurate intake from the beginning. In addition, you can easily digitize paper documents and attach them to patient files, so all the required data is readily accessible throughout the order process.

  • Eliminate paper prescriptions and reduce errors with e-prescribing
  • Store all information inside the system with paperless documentation
  • Alert staff with instant warnings when required fields lack necessary information
  • Quickly process work orders, inventory, and delivery tickets with barcoding

Instantly identify processing issues and resolve backlogs

CareTend uses an intuitive queue system that lets you easily visualize your entire workflow in a single dashboard. This helps you identify problems and take steps to resolve them.

  • Spot bottlenecks quickly and determine their root causes
  • Track the amount of revisions that are required each day
  • Receive error and backlog alerts, so you can respond and avoid costly problems

Fulfill orders faster

Automated work queues help your team collaborate efficiently and effectively, minimizing the risk of errors and delays.

  • Real-time work queues show staff members what to do NOW
  • Transfer completed work to the next department automatically
  • Track the level of each work queue to hold staff members accountable for their output





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