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Four Ways to Unlock Your Revenue Potential with CareTend

Is your specialty pharmacy taking advantage of every revenue-generating opportunity?

With CareTend, your pharmacy can reach new revenue heights by using a system that automates manual tasks and ensures compliance.

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1. Expand your limited-distribution contracts

Why send new business to competitors? With CareTend compliance safeguards, your pharmacy can successfully compete for more drug contracts and raise your bottom line.

  • Easily supply custom reports for URAC, ACHC, payers, and manufacturers
  • Pull required audit documentation instantly
  • Dispense prescriptions within 24 hours or less using automated workflows

2. Send clean claims the first time

Reduce your outstanding A/R by submitting clean claims with CareTend. This will also help your staff spend less time revising claims and more time getting new claims processed.

  • Eliminate errors with auto-generated CMNs and SMNs that integrate with Medicare
  • Instantly spot missing data prior to claim submission
  • Meet compliance requirements regardless of therapy, payer, or manufacturer
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3. Get paid for every order you ship

CareTend offers “bill before you fill,” which ensures reimbursement on every order.

  • Ensure every claim is adjudicated before shipping
  • Automate prescription refills for quicker reimbursement
  • Avoid expired prescriptions with smart alerts
  • Stay up-to-date with instantly updated payer and manufacturer requirements

4. Gain a clear picture of your A/R at all times

Now you can replace those cumbersome spreadsheets and hand-written revenue calculations with insightful dashboards and real-time reporting that equips you to make informed decisions instantly.

  • Auto-schedule custom revenue reports so that you receive the data on your timetable
  • Easily identify sources of growth by services, payers, and therapies
  • Spot avoidable costs that may be limiting your revenue growth
  • Analyze outstanding A/R, COGS, margin, and unapplied cash and cash posted
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