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Four Ways to Unlock Your Revenue Potential with CareTend

More specialty pharmacies rely on Mediware’s billing tools than all other solutions combined. By automating your billing, your pharmacy can easily send complete claims the first time and take on more contracts to maximize revenue growth.
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1. Expand your limited-distribution contracts

Why send new business to competitors? With CareTend compliance safeguards, your pharmacy can successfully compete for more drug contracts and raise your bottom line.

  • Easily supply custom reports for URAC, ACHC, payers, and manufacturers
  • Pull required audit documentation instantly
  • Dispense prescriptions within 24 hours or less using automated workflows

2. Send clean claims the first time

Reduce your outstanding A/R by submitting clean claims with CareTend. This will also help your staff spend less time revising claims and more time getting new claims processed.

  • Eliminate errors with auto-generated CMNs and SMNs that integrate with Medicare
  • Instantly spot missing data prior to claim submission
  • Meet compliance requirements regardless of therapy, payer, or manufacturer
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3. Get paid for every order you ship

CareTend offers “bill before you fill,” which ensures reimbursement on every order.

  • Ensure every claim is adjudicated before shipping
  • Automate prescription refills for quicker reimbursement
  • Avoid expired prescriptions with smart alerts
  • Stay up-to-date with instantly updated payer and manufacturer requirements
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4. Gain a clear picture of your A/R at all times

Now you can replace those cumbersome spreadsheets and hand-written revenue calculations with insightful dashboards and real-time reporting that equip you to make informed decisions instantly.

  • Auto-schedule custom revenue reports so that you receive the data on your timetable
  • Easily identify sources of growth by services, payers, and therapies
  • Spot avoidable costs that may be limiting your profit
  • Analyze outstanding A/R, COGS, margin, and unapplied cash and cash posted

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