Simplify Pharmacy Patient Management with CareTend

How is your specialty pharmacy tracking patient adherence and therapy outcomes? If you are using spreadsheets and handwritten notes, you know the process is slow, inefficient, and prone to errors. With CareTend, you can track patient metrics in half the time.

Store patient data electronically

You can quickly locate patient files and reduce input errors with the many documentation tools in CareTend.

  • Receive e-faxes and assign them to the correct patients
  • Store clinical data, progress notes, and lab results in one place
  • Easily view clinical trend data and case reports for each patient

Give payers and manufacturers the data they want instantly

Pull the exact patient metrics you need with powerful reporting tools and dashboards that give you insights you never had before.

  • Provide intervention data showing cost savings and value to payers
  • Quickly pull adverse drug reaction and discharged patient outcome reports
  • Monitor the average time to fill, PDC, and MPR adherence metrics

Track patient progress throughout treatment

CareTend helps you evaluate outcomes and improve transparency. Our latest mobile application, CareTend Anywhere, also gives your staff the flexibility to access CareTend from any location, so that all your data is available at your fingertips and patients receive timely service without delay.

  • Increase communication between your pharmacy and physicians, patients, payers, and manufacturers
  • Equip your pharmacists with clinical support, intervention, and patient outcome reporting using the Therigy¬†module
  • Stay connected in real time by using any device that has Internet access and Google Chrome, Safari, Android, and iOS
  • Remain HIPAA compliant by logging out mobile users who are inactive for 20 minutes or longer