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Overcome Your Pharmacy Inventory Challenges with CareTend

Hundreds of specialty pharmacies across the U.S. rely on Mediware’s barcode tracking tools to ensure that they always have the right amount of supplies on hand. Gain a clear picture of your inventory counts in real time and ensure patients receive their medications on time with Mediware.

Eliminate manual tracking with barcode technology

You will no longer need to spend valuable time searching for and counting products. With CareTend, you can easily convert to a barcode-driven system that accurately monitors your inventory.

  • Quickly locate all supplies using lot numbers
  • Automate receiving, POs, and physical inventory with barcodes
  • Account for inventory using FIFO and expiration date tracking

Know exact inventory counts in real time

You can take the guesswork out of ordering and inventory management with the powerful tools in CareTend.

  • Easily see quantities on hand and quantities needed for upcoming orders
  • Track inventory levels across multiple locations
  • Instantly update counts when you transfer items between sites or locations

Automate reordering

Optimize supply levels with smart alerts, which ensure that you have enough product to fill orders while minimizing inventory.

  • Trigger reorder alerts automatically when supplies are low
  • Manage multiple suppliers, along with their costs, for each item
  • Reorder items electronically through our integration with the top distributors

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