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Four Ways to Bring Your Data into Focus with CareTend

Today’s leading specialty pharmacies rely on Mediware to easily manage their data using real-time reporting and analysis tools. Eliminate the feeling of data overload with easy-to-use tools that allow you to see a 360-degree view of your data, all secured by the tightest standards in the healthcare industry.

1. Analyze what drives your growth

CareTend pulls together data from across your enterprise to help you easily identify your high-margin profit centers.

  • View which therapies and payers generate the most revenue
  • Instantly see the amount billed, credit rebills, and net revenue
  • Identify staff members with the greatest output

2. Identify avoidable costs instantly

You’ll see your data in eye-opening dashboards and detailed reports, so you can spot opportunities for improvement throughout your operation. Our work with more than 100 leading specialty pharmacies lets you profit from some of the best analysis tools in the industry!

  • Identify how many orders are revised and why
  • Reduce inventory shrinkage with quantity change reporting and reasons by location
  • Analyze delays in revenue due to billing errors and missing diagnosis codes

3. Monitor patient adherence and pharmacy efficiency

Patient follow-up is one of the most challenging tasks for many specialty pharmacies. CareTend ensures you collect all the data you need to provide excellent patient care.

  • Track the number of orders to be filled
  • Analyze how many scripts you are dispensing each day
  • Monitor when and how frequently patients refill their medications (MPR)

4. Create custom reports within seconds

CareTend gives you powerful reporting tools that let you take your business in new directions.

  • Create specific “if-then” reports using live data
  • Simplify complex data questions with pivot-table analysis
  • Utilize 100+ data feeds that pull system data for ad-hoc analysis

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