Meet Pharmacy Requirements Every Time with CareTend

Compliance is the backbone of your operation. Whether you’re dealing with endless payer rules, complex manufacturer reporting requirements, or accrediting organizations concerned with your workflow practices, it’s important that you do things right. That’s why you need CareTend.

Maintain compliance with payers

Submit claims directly in NCPDP and 837 formats, and monitor the status of claims in real time.

  • See instantly if claims are paid and if discounts are applied
  • Provide required audit documentation without delay
  • Easily send claim-specific questions to other staff members who may be able to help

Satisfy manufacturer requirements

Send the exact patient and drug specific-data that your manufacturers require to fulfill your contracts.

  • Easily meet complex requirements for Celgene products
  • Instantly pull time stamp data, fulfillment processing times, and patient-specific records
  • Build custom reports for specific drug manufacturer reporting needs

Comply with accrediting organizations such as URAC and ACHC

Accreditation is your specialty pharmacy’s “seal of approval” that verifies your ability to deliver high-quality patient care. CareTend helps you satisfy requirements to obtain accreditation and continue meeting those standards for years to come.

  • Ensure REMS and other restrictions are met and documented
  • Meet data security standards with automated audit logs and tracking for all staff
  • Supply patient adherence reporting and adverse medical events documentation